Gutter Cleaning in Pleasant Hill

Typical steps used by All Gutter Services a gutter cleaning service in Bencia

1. Set up a ladder against your home, as cleaning from the top of your roof can be dangerous. Start cleaning near the location of a downspout and place a large bucket underneath it.

2. Remove any leaves, branches or large pieces of debris and throw them into the bucket.

3. Grab a hose and push it into the gutter to clean out all the rest of the dirt that is around. Using a small nozzle on the hose that has more pressure to it, as this will help push the debris out more effectively.

4. Move the ladder to other areas as we find necessary, or just repeat the process on the other side of your house. The water should run down through the downspout so we can get rid of any other clumps of debris that came through it.

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